Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Fit to print

I feel for Fairfax. People are seemingly not only turning away from newspapers, but they're turning away from news.

From today's most read stories links on the SMH front page:

  1. Attack victim Lauren off life support
  2. Teen with peanut allergy dies after kiss
  3. It's a girl for Bec and Lleyton
  4. Execution breaches standards: Deane
  5. Parents to twins killed in head-on crash
There's a bit of a common theme here - life and death. Obviously hard hitting stuff, and I'm not scoffing at that, but when it comes to making editorial decisions, it's evident which way the readers are leaning.

But can you imagine a newspaper filled only with grizzly deaths, celebrity shenanigans, and perhaps a third sport?

Oh yeah, that's the Telly.


At 1:52 pm , Anonymous panza said...

At least the BBC is having a red hot go.

Then again, right under that is this, so who knows?


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